Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Are bookings necessary?
    No, just turn up to any session time of your choice.

  • Does it cost anything to watch?
    No, it's completely free.
    You're welcome to spectate or just pop in and have a look.

  • Is EFTPOS available?

  • What clothing is suitable to wear?
    Preferably long pants or tights, anything casual and easy to move around in.  Try to avoid jeans or heavy jackets as they are restrictive.
    ​Don't forget LONG socks!

  •  Are frequent skater passes available?  
    Yes! Each pass entitles you to attend 3 session times of your choice.
    Adult - $50 (save $10)  
    Child - $40 (save $8) 

  • When can I skate?
    Find all our session times here.

  • What are your prices?
    Find all prices here.

  • Are prices any cheaper with BYO skates?
    No, however feel free to bring your own skates if you wish.

  • Do you have skate aids?
    Yes! We have penguins ($10) and kangas ($15) available for hire per session.

  • Can more then one person be on a toboggan board at a time?
    No. Due to safety reasons only one person per board, no exceptions.

  • Is skate hire included with prices?
    Yes, skate hire is free and included with all skating prices.

  • Is there an age restriction for ice skating?
    There is no age restriction, however we recommend ages 4+ or that the child can confidently walk.
    For small children who have a shoe size between 8 and 12, we have double bladed skates that strap over enclosed shoes (joggers). We also have these sizes in single bladed skates for when their confidence has grown.
    Due to ice skating being a high risk sport, we recommend the use of safety gear (gloves/helmets). We have a limited supply available at the rink, so feel free to bring your own.

  • What is your range in skate sizes
    We range in skates all the way up to a men's size 12.

  • Can I toboggan outside of a session time?
    No, tobogganing tickets must be used during a session time of your choice.

  • Are food and drinks available for purchase?
    Yes, we have a range of cold drinks and snacks.

  • Do you have rink hire available?
    If you're looking at hiring out the rink, please give us a call.

Two different kids skates available

Two different kids skates available